PCB X-Ray Inspection Service

Offering real-time 2D and 3D digital x-ray inspection services for PCB components, assemblies, and other electronic devices.

Providing this service along with a trained and certified process engineer on-site at our faculty with your resources. We also provide remote inspections using our real-time conferencing system for an interactive experience.

X-Ray Inspection System Angle
X-Ray Inspection Overview

X-ray inspections offer electronic manufacturers and assemblers a way to inspect defects within their products. Easily in a non-destructive manner, in locations that are hidden or impossible to inspect optically.

With this being said x-ray inspections become an important method of validating production processes earlier on before a later stage in the manufacturing timeline. Which can lead to increased cost and loss of time and resources.

Nordson Dage Quadra 3 X-Ray Inspection System Internal
Common X-ray Inspection Defects

There are a lot common defects and faults that can come into account during the manufacturing and assembly process of electronic devices.

  • BGA Voiding
  • Wicking of BGA Solder Balls
  • BGA Pop Corning / Cracking
  • Missing Solder Balls
  • Incomplete Reflow
  • Misalignment of BGA Package
  • Solder Shorts/Bridges
  • Flip Chip Open Circuit
  • Joint Voiding
  • Through Hole Incomplete Fill
  • Cracks & Breaks in Tracks, Joints, & Components
BGA Void Percentage Analysis

Void Percentage Analysis

With our  x-ray inspection system we can create 2D x-ray slices in any plane of a printed circuit board or electronic component. Giving us the ability to easily provide real-time visual void percentage analyses.

Through Hole Fill X-Ray Inspection Analysis

Through-Hole Fill Analysis

Using our x-ray inspection system and it’s X-Plane technology we can quickly and easily produce seamless visual imaging analyses of through-hole fills. In printed circuit boards and other electronic components.

X-Plane 3D X-Ray Inspection

X-Plane & 3D Imaging

We can produce 2D x-ray image slices in any plane of a printed circuit board or electronic component using our X-Plane capability. Using these 2D images we can produce high resolution 3D imaging.

Standard x-ray inspection service rate | $400/hr
Minimum ½ hour deposit service rate.

We offer competitive rates for toll processing and reoccurring volume customers.
Contact us for pricing and more information.

X-Ray Inspection Service Request

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